Revenue Allocation

Ever dreamt of having a direct hand in how a blockchain ecosystem allocates its revenue?

Unlock Limitless Initiatives with Daosis

Buckle up because Daosis is bringing that dream to life! Join us on the journey where community reigns supreme in shaping the destiny of our shared ecosystem.

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Proposals and Votes:
Fueling Innovation

The horizon of ideas is boundless at Daosis, driven by the collective imagination of our members. Diverse suggestions are not just welcome but celebrated. This inclusive approach ensures the dynamic evolution of our ecosystem, embracing innovation and community-driven projects that align with Daosis' growth and interests.


Your Vote, Your Power: Voting Rights

Democracy thrives within the Daosis ecosystem. Every DSS token holder has the fundamental right to vote, fostering transparency and empowering the entire community to actively contribute to the platform’s development.

Timing is Everything

Voting occurs every 45 days with a unique twist. The 45 days voting cycle is divided in two phases: 20 days for making proposals and 25 days for voting. If the community budget is insufficient, the project is suspended and can be proposed again in the next voting cycle.

Community Proposals:
The Heartbeat of Daosis

In our vibrant community, all members are encouraged to propose ideas for revenue allocation. Rigorous scrutiny ensures integrity, and a transparent selection process aligns accepted proposals with our shared vision. This democratic and accountable approach cultivates diversity, reflecting the collective will for sustainable platform growth. Join us in shaping Daosis together!

Revenue Streams: Fueled by Tax

The 1.95% buy and sell tax compounds over a 45-day period, creating a progressively growing revenue stream. This tax sustains the ecosystem's growth and rewards community engagement.

If the daily tax is calculated on a $50,000 volume, it would be $975 (1.95% of $50,000) daily added to revenues. Over 45 days, the revenue compounds (in this example to $43.875,00), resulting in a progressively growing revenue steam. After the revenue split, in this example, $21.937,5 are going into the community budget. Once the voting period concluded, the amount generated over the 45-Day period is locked letting place to a new cycle.

Daosis believes in balance

The 1.95% tax is allocated as follows:

  • 50% to Community Budget: Decentralized decision-making and funding community initiatives.
  • 9% for Reinvestment: $DSS token purchases, fortifying financial position, and enhancing community rewards.
  • 36% for Rewards: Recognizing and incentivizing long-term community participation.
  • 5% in Reserves: Ensuring stability for unforeseen circumstances.

This well-balanced distribution exemplifies Daosis' commitment to transparency, community empowerment, and responsible financial management. Join us, as we create a resilient and thriving decentralized ecosystem together. Your voice matters!