Daosis Launchpad

Igniting Innovation, Empowering Communities

Our vision extends beyond governance, propelling Daosis into a dynamic ecosystem

We empower our community to actively contribute to the growth of new ventures, establishing a self-sustaining cycle of innovation and prosperity. Daosis becomes a catalyst, not only for community empowerment but for the success of groundbreaking projects in the broader blockchain ecosystem.

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Launchpad Tiers: Your Gateway to Innovation

Tier 1Sapphire MaestroGuaranteed allocation

Holding a Daosis Private Non-Fungible Token (NFT) provides exclusive access to the top tier of the launchpad. The amount of DSS tokens that unlock Tier 1 is $3000 itself. Tier 1 also gets revenue shares, community rewards, and launchpad rewards with a guaranteed high IDO allocation.

Tier 2Ruby VoyagerGuaranteed allocation


The amount of DSS tokens that unlock to the medium tier, i.e., tier 2, is $1200 itself. Tier 2 also gets revenue shares, community rewards, and launchpad rewards with guaranteed IDO allocation.

Tier 3Opal ExplorerNo guaranteed allocation


The amount of DSS tokens that unlock tier 3 is $ 200 itself. Tier 3 also gets community rewards and launchpad rewards with NO guaranteed IDO allocation and revenue share.

Total Allocation Per Tier

For example, if a project in the launchpad is trying to raise 1 million USD, $280.000 will be allocated to tier 1, $370.000will be allocated to tier 2, and $350.000 will be allocated to tier 3.

Launchpad Timeframes:
A Vision for Growth

While exact timings may vary, our strategy aims for eight successful incubations in the first year. With the community deciding which projects make the cut, a two-week notice period before voting ensures inclusivity and fair decision-making.

Voting Rights:
Your Voice Matters

In the Daosis ecosystem, democracy thrives. Every token holder has the right to vote, with doubling privileges for higher token holdings. Voting occurs every 45 days, granting each community member the opportunity to shape the incubation landscape.

Community Proposals:
Fueling Innovation

Every member is urged to propose projects for incubation. Rigorous scrutiny ensures only projects aligned with our values make it to the launchpad, contributing to the success and sustainability of showcased projects.

Launchpad Referral: Sharing the Success

Community members bringing projects to the Daosis launchpad are generously rewarded if chosen for incubation. Exact rewards will be detailed in upcoming communications.