Experience the innovations of tomorrow, today !

   Daosis allows its users to invest in innovative projects, participate in voting and proposal-making to determine which vision is incubated, and how the platform's revenue is allocated.


Community-Crafted DAO

Daosis is a better web3 incubator & Launchpad. Built by the community, for the community.


Decentralized Empowerment Hub

Empowering community decisions through decentralized governance.


Growing Impact, Growing Influence

As the Daosis ecosystem expands, so does the impact of decisions about the community budget.


Prosper Together with Daosis

With a unique revenue-sharing and reward program, Daosis ensures that success is a shared journey. Aligning the community’s interests with collective prosperity.

Igniting tomorrow’s innovation, today !

Daosis encourages experimentation, collaboration, and creativity empowering its community to fund induviduals vision into tangible solutions that contribute to the broader evolution of the blockchain landscape.

Daosis revolutionizes community engagement by offering a truly unique revenue-sharing and reward system, ensuring that active participation is not only recognized but also rewarded within the ecosystem.

Daosis operates on the principle of community engagement. Each participant has the same opportunity to aquire DSS tokens.

The platforms revenue allocation is versatile, limitless and only depends on community proposals and votes.

Daosis Overview

Charting Our Course:
The Daosis Journey Ahead:

Phase 1

  • Launch Daosis website with User Guides and Ressources
  • Early community engagement
  • Public Testnet
  • Token Generation Event
  • Early community reward selection

Phase 2

  • Official Daosis launch
  • Enhanced User Interfaces
  • Community building Initiatives
  • First elements subject to vote

Phase 3

  • Marketing – Global Outreach
  • Revenue-sharing and community rewards
  • First project incubation on the launchpad
  • Continuous innovation and improvement

Join the Community

Joining Daosis not only means being part of a thriving community but also enjoying the escalating influence that comes with a growing ecosystem, turning every vote into a catalyst for meaningful change.

Daosis Answers:
Your FAQ Hub for Clarity

The Daosis token (DSS) is the native governance token and utility token of Daosis, playing a pivotal role in the ecosystem. Utilities: governance, whitelists, rewards, and revenue-sharing.

DSS is compatible with self-custodial wallets that support the Saphire EVM including MetaMask, Ledger, Brave, and so forth.
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